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Welcome to The1HairCoach Academy!

Updated: Aug 30, 2019


My name is Alexis and I am the owner of Alexis Elizabeth Wigs and the newly established The 1 Hair Coach Academy! I am an experienced wig maker and my passion has always been exploring and teaching the art of wig making! I am a teacher at heart so The1HairCoach Academy was developed to provide a platform for aspiring wig makers to learn.

What is The1HairCoach Academy?

I've compiled over 10 years of experience, gathering what I learned while teaching group and one on one in person and online WebEx based classes. Incorporating what I’ve developed in YouTube tutorials, unique training manuals, original eBooks and PDFs as well, I am providing students a way to get my training in an affordable and self-paced way. The academy is an all in one place to get information and sharpen your skills as a wig master!

The 1 Hair Coach Academy is a paid subscription site with different levels of membership depending on your goals, time, and budget. Below I’ll go into detail on what each level includes!

The Maverick Level is the free membership level where students will have first notification of live online events, in person events and all the free content downloaded to the academy. Each month, at least one free video will be uploaded on a subject. Each month I will also be hosting a free Q&A session to discuss the prior and upcoming academy subjects. This is a great opportunity to ask me questions, get some coaching, be a part of The 1 Hair Coach community or just pick up new information!

The Pro Level is the first paid level. It’s a monthly subscription of $29 a month that you can cancel at any time. This allows you full access to The 1 Hair Coach Academy including monthly bundles of content on a subject. Each bundle includes several beginner through advanced videos, workbooks, an eBook, as well as priority email notification of blog post, live Q&A's and events!

The VIP Level is the second paid level. It’s a monthly subscription of $59 a month and includes everything from the first two levels plus some exciting upgrades! This subscription can be cancelled at any time, but it is required for 3 months at a time to receive an Alexis Elizabeth Wigs subscription box that is sent out automatically every 3 months. The box will be filled with wig making tools like needles, holders, and drawing mats to samples of lace, bonders, and sealers. This is an exciting new way to experience products, find new vendors for supplies, and have the opportunity to let your skill and imagination grow by trying new tools and products. Another big thing included in the VIP Level is one on one coaching with me. For 15 calendar days each month, my schedule will be opened to book a free 15-minute coaching session. We can review any of the prior month’s bundles, business questions, and troubleshooting your projects. I think I am the most excited about offering the ability to speak one on one and help solve problems you may be having.

I will still be offering one on one in person training as well. View my Education Brochure and the link to my schedule is here so you can easily book in person sessions!

Let me know if you have any comments or questions in the section below!

BTW, did you know that I have a free video called the 5 Keys to Finding a Hair Vendor? I often get a lot of questions on finding the perfect hair vendor, so I created this completely free download to get you well on your way!

Follow me on social media @the1haircoach and @alexiselizabethwigs

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