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Care & Maintenance

You will find information on every aspect of care categorized so you can easily refer to each section.  Please take the time to read this for it includes very important information on your Wig.  Also keep this for future reference when its time to perform maintenance on your Wig.



How to Prevent Shedding?


Shedding is a common problem most wig wearers will experience, and while some shedding is natural, there are some ways that you can protect your investment from excessive loss of hair.  


  • Never use products that contain alcohol on your wig.  Your wig is made with quality  hair and needs to be nourished and properly moisturized.  Many store bought products contain alcohol as a main ingredient and this is extremely drying to the hair including the knots.  Once the hair is dried out from using too many drying products, the hair will have a tendency to become brittle and break off. You will notice an increase of smaller pieces of hair coming out during styling as well as areas where the knots have broken off.  Instead, use products specifically made for wigs that contain water as the main ingredient.  Always be mindful of the styling products including hairsprays and gels, and if it is necessary to use them, take care not to allow product buildup on the knots and base of the unit.  

  • Air drying your unit is ideal mainly because you do not want to make the hair too dry and brittle by using excessive heat.  If you must use a hair dryer on your unit, be sure to use it on the lowest heat setting and with a good heat protectant.  

  • Never comb or brush your unit while its wet.  Using a wide tooth comb is more acceptable but be sure to comb the hair gently from the ends up.  When hair gets wet, it naturally wants to absorb as much of the water as it can and this will cause the knots to swell making them easier  to unwind and slip out. 

  • Never apply conditioner to the knots.  Conditioner and water will make the knots slip out much easier. 

  • Never scrub the lace harshly with a brush, your hand, or by rubbing the lace together.  This is a foul proof way to insure shedding as well as worn out spots on the lace itself that will lead to tears, rips, and holes.  

  • Always seal your knots after every wash.  The sealer that is applied to your unit after production is not permanent and will wash off.  Wait until the unit is completely dry and spray the knot sealer of your choice on the inside of the unit.  The sealer must dry completely and you can choose to seal it again at this point or apply and style your unit.  Please follow the directions on the sealer to ensure you are achieving the maximum usage out of the product. 

  • Do not scratch your scalp through the lace while the unit is applied.


How to Prevent Tangles?


  • Never sleep in your wig while its wet.  If you have to wash your unit, please allow time for it to air dry completely. 

  • Twist, braid, or tie up your hair at night.  Always sleep on a satin pillow or with your hair up in a satin scarf.

  • Gently detangle hair with a wide tooth comb before attempting to wash your wig. 

  • When washing your unit, after it has been gently detangled, always slowly saturate the hair making sure to allow the water to run in a downward direction.  

How to wash your new wig?


Follow these steps to successfully wash your new wig.  


  1. Secure your wig onto a mannequin head.  

The best way to do this and not damage your lace is to use elastic or ribbon as a barrier between the lace and pins and insert balled tip pins about an inch apart around the entire perimeter of the the unit.  


2. To begin, gently detangle your unit starting from the bottom up with a wide toothed comb.  Hold the hair above the section you are detangling to prevent too much tension on the hair strands and knots. 


3.  Loosely braid the hair into two or four equal parts.


  1. In your basin, mix a little shampoo into warm water.    


5.  Saturate each braid with the shampoo and water mixture and squeeze the solution into the braid.   Do not rub the hair during this process.


  1. Using lukewarm water, rinse each braid always allowing the water to run in a downward direction.  

You may squeeze each braid to make sure the water is completely saturating and rinsing the hair.  


  1. Now using your conditioner and warm water in your basin, repeat the process as before.  

Avoid getting any conditioner on the base or the knots.  You may also add a deep conditioner to the ends of the hair and allow the hair to sit for 5-30 mins.  


8.  After the hair has been rinsed out again, do not remove the braids until the  hair has been completely air dried.  

I do not recommend washing your unit while it is applied to your head, but if you must use the same process as stated above except put each braid into a seamless ponytail holder at the base of the braid, and try not to get product on anything above the ponytail (the base of the unit).



What products work well on my wig?

Many products work really well on your wig.  Look for products that do not contain alcohol and have water as a main ingredient.  Products that are specifically made for wigs also work well.  


Using a leave in conditioner is ideal.  You can also make your own using a quality conditioner that is alcohol and sulfate free in a spray bottle with 1 part conditioner and 2 parts or more of water.  


Keep the use of oils to a bare minimal and only on the very ends of the hair.  



How to Care for a Kinky Curly wig?


The kinky curly texture requires a lot of maintenance, but you can train the hair to react properly and after time and with care it should become easier to tame and care for your kinky curly unit.  

  • Follow the same steps and precautions stated for all wigs. 

  • Never attempt to brush or comb the unit while it is dry.  When washing your kinky curly wig, use a little conditioner and water in a spray bottle and dampen the hair until it is softer to be detangled.  Do not saturate the hair until it is completely detangled.  Be mindful of the amount of tension you are applying or you may see a lot of shedding and breakage.  

  • Always wash your wig in braids as stated in the how to wash your unit section. 

  • This hair works well if it is lightly sprayed with a leave in daily, but it does not require a ton of product unless you are looking for definition in your curls all day.  To achieve defined curls without the use of a lot of product, saturate the hair (not the base and the knots) with conditioner and water, define with a Denman or paddle boar bristle brush, then do not touch or disturb the hair at all while it dries.  You can air dry the unit on your head all day or on a mannequin head over night.  Never sleep on damp or wet hair!

  • Always put your kinky curly hair into braids or twist and sleep in a satin bonnet, pineapple, or on a silk scarf. 

  • For styling, try doing braid outs and twist outs. Using a heat styling tool such as a curling wand returns really nice kinky curls.


How to Store Your Wig?


Storage is another key element of protecting your investment.  There are a couple of great ways to store all of your wigs and you should pick one that best suits your space for storage.  


Using mannequin heads or wig stands is great solution to storing your wigs.  This keeps the shape and form of your wig and if you like to set the part, this is the best solution.  When storing your wig on a mannequin head, be sure cover the hair in a hairnet and also some sort of cover to keep it clear of dust.

Always be sure your wig is clean and completely dry before putting it away for storage. 


Another storage choice is boxes.   If you don’t have enough space to store your wigs on stands or a mannequin head, using a box is a good choice.  Fold the hair up carefully or you can even pin roll or twist the hair before putting it away.  Boxes can then be stacked and even labeled for organization.


Lastly, if you have very little storage space, you can purchase clear zip lock bags and store each wig in its own bag.  Seal the bag and remove excess air.  Its best to pin curl your wig and put paper on the inside to protect the lace and keep the shape.  If you do not have paper, you can carefully fold the wig in half before storage. This option uses the least amount of space however, the wig may need to be set on a mannequin head before wearing to fully reestablish its shape.  

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